About Vennie

About Vennie Beeler

Reared on a farm in west Texas, Vennie graduated from Texas Tech.  Before heading East, she and her former husband Bill taught for ten years on the Navajo reservation.   Painting just about all her life, Vennie’s mother made some of her early brushes from the tail hairs of one of their cows.

Her more serious artistic endeavors began as a young western artist while living and teaching near beautiful Canyon De Chelly on the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona.  Vennie’s early paintings captured the vibrant beauty of the northern desert.  Vennie is a multi faceted religious, landscape, portrait, and floral artist  working in oil, acrylic, and water color.

Kentucky has stimulated a real interest in painting beautiful trees, hills, streams and some small animals. Wintering in Florida and south Texas sparked an intense interest in florals and seascapes. She loved visiting the gulf coast beaches, looking for inspiration and sea shells for her grand children. Her work has been shown frequently around central Kentucky.

While in Florida, Vennie worked with the Charlotte County Wood Carvers capturing the  essence of Kentucky songbirds in basswood. Recently she has focused on her portraits. Vennie is currently working on an “Americana” series of portraits depicting our “ordinary”  heroes in many mediums. Vennie recently completed the  14 Stations of the Cross .  This was a three year project for a small historic Kentucky church.  Most of her portraits have been commissions.